Alpha Female in The Novel The Alpha Girl's Guide

  • Maria Florencia Yunita Bello Universitas Katolik Widya Mandira, Kupang
  • Hendrikus Saku Bouk Universitas Katolik Widya Mandira, Kupang
Keywords: novel, alpha, girls


Various perspectives on gender differences today we often encounter in everyday life, the overlapping assessment between the roles of women and men we often hear in our environment. This research uses qualitative descriptive research methods as an approach or search to explore and understand the content of the novel centrally. Therefore, the researcher conducted direct interviews with readers of this novel in the city of Kupang, observed reading books and documented them and the data of this research were presented in the form of qualitative writing only. The Alpha Girl's Guide novel created by Herry Manampiring is based on observations, article research, direct interviews, and direct discussions with many women on social media. The content of this novel is very light, full of interesting illustrations, and very open. The Alpha Girl's Guide, is a novel that contains instructions for women to become Alpha Females who inspire and bring change. Become an independent woman who is intelligent, full of confidence in her potential and independent.


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